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Album Introduction

Treasury of The Buddha’s Discourses is a collection of audio CDs consisting of approximately 250 hours of lectures on suttas from the Four Nikayas and the first six books of the KhuddakaNikaya by Venerable DhammavuddhoMahathera, the abbot and founder of Vihara Buddha Gotama & The Sangha Foundation, Temoh, Perak.

The sutta lectures were mostly recorded, edited and compiled during the rains retreats (vassa) since 1997 until 2011 by dedicated Dhamma workers consisting of monks, samaneras, and lay people from all walks of life.

Summary of Lectures:

Nikaya Total Suttas/ Books Read Number of CDs Year Delivered
Anguttara 425 Suttas 2 1997 – 1998
Samyutta 559 Suttas 2 2009
Majjhima 152 Suttas 3 2010
Digha 34 Suttas 1 2011
Khuddaka 6 Books 1 2011