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Dhamma Talk At Wat Pa Nanachat


  • Sadhu!
    My person trusts, that a share, Anumodana, is welcome.

  • Thank you for your dhamma talk Bhante. Bhante I would like to ask based on your book ” The Buddha’s View on meat eating” page 5. On the book of the Discipline: Book One” it says monks saw the remnants of the lion’s kill, had it cooked, and ate it. At other times, other monks saw the remnants of the tiger’s kill..remnants of a panther’s kill..had it cooked and ate it. But to read on the paragragh above pg 5, the meat of these animals are prohibited- Book of the Discipline: Book Four
    Next question Bhante besides these animals stated, how about other animals like cats, rhino..can we eat them? Asking for my knowledge, not that I want to eat them.

    Bhante be well and happy..and your voice is getting better.

  • Sadhu sadhu sadhu!

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