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Feb 20, 2018 - Advance (Fujian), Vinaya    No Comments

Bhikkhu Vinaya (Fujian)

by Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera

Parajika_Defeat 1
Parajika_Defeat 2
Parajika_Defeat 2 3
Parajika_Defeat to 4
Sanghadisesa_Formal Meeting to 1 4
Sanghadisesa_Formal Meeting to 5
Sanghadisesa_Formal Meeting to 6
Sanghadisesa_Formal Meeting to 7 9
Sanghadisesa_Formal Meeting to 10 13
Summary of Sanghadisesa Aniyata_Undetermined 1 2
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (1st section Robes) 1 2
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (1st section Robes) 3 6
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (1st section Robes) to 7 10
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (2nd section Rugs) 11 17
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (2nd section Rugs) 18 20
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (3rd section Bowls) 21 24
Nissaggiya Pacittiya_Forfeiture (3rd section Bowls)25 30
Pacittiya_Expiation (1st section False speech) 1 5
Pacittiya_Expiation (1st section False speech)6 10
Pacittiya_Expiation (2nd section Plants)11 20
Pacittiya_Expiation (3rd section Exhortation) 21 30
Pacittiya_Expiation (4th section Food) 31 34
Pacittiya_Expiation (4th section Food) 35 40
Pacittiya_Expiation (5th section Naked ascetics) 41 50
Pacittiya_Expiation (6th section Drinking liquor)51 55
Pacittiya_Expiation (6th section Drinking liquor) 56 60
Pacittiya_Expiation (7th section Living beings) 61 70
Pacittiya_Expiation (8th section According w Dhamma) 71 78
Pacittiya_Expiation (8th section According w Dhamma) 79 82
Pacittiya_Expiation (9th section Treasures) 83 85
Pacittiya_Expiation (9th section Treasures) 86 92
Patidesaniya_Confession 1 4
Sekhiya_Training to 1 75
Adhikaranasamatha_Legal Question 1 7 Bhikkhuni Precepts
Mahavagga I_The Great Division I_The Great Section (Part 1)
Mahavagga I_The Great Section (Part 2)
Mahavagga I_The Great Section (Part 3)
Mahavagga I_The Great Section (Part 4)
Mahavagga I_The Great Section (Part 5)
Mahavagga I_The Great Section (Part 6)
Mahavagga II_Observance (Part 1)
Mahavagga II_Observance (Part 2)
Mahavagga II_Observance (Part 3)
Mahavagga III_The Rains
Mahavagga IV_Invitation
Mahavagga V_On Hides
Mahavagga VI_On Medicines (Part 1)
Mahavagga VI_On Medicines (Part 2)
Mahavagga VII_On Kathina (Part 1)
Mahavagga VII_On Kathina (Part 2)
Mahavagga VIII_On Robe Material (Part 1)
Mahavagga VIII_On Robe Material (Part 2)
Mahavagga IX_On (the monks at) Campa
Mahavagga X_On (the monks of) Kosambi
Cullavagga I_The Lesser Division I_On Fomal Acts (Part 1)
Cullavagga I_On Fomal Acts (Part 2)
Cullavagga II_On Probation
Cullavagga III IV_On Accumulation (of Offences) and On Settlements
Cullavagga V_On Minor Matters (Part 1)
Cullavagga V_On Minor Matters (Part 2)
Cullavagga VI_On Lodgings
Cullavagga VII_On Schism
Cullavagga VIII_On Observances
Cullavagga IX X_On Suspending the Patimokkha and On Nuns
Cullavagga XI XII_On the Five Hundred and On the Seven Hundred
The Sixth Book_Parivara Ordnation Procedure and Preliminary duties
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Aug 7, 2012 - Advance (Fujian), Vinaya    No Comments

Wrong Interpretations of Vinaya (Fujian)

by Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera

Initially no precepts.
Some precepts incur evil kamma
Early monasteries had no buildings
Advisable for monastery to register
Concerning money
Begging and Vegetarianism
Ariyans can break minor precepts
Corrupt monks
Q and A to Five destinations of rebirth
Q and A to Practice metta(loving kindness)
Q and A to Offering to corrupt monks
Q and A to World system
Q and A to Can laypeople eat monks’ left over food
Q and A to Don’t make noise in monastery
Q and A to Sangha property
Q and A to Various ways of offering food
Q and A to Re offering food
Q and A to ‘Unclean’ offering
Q and A to ‘Unclean’ offering
Q and A to Don’t throw rubbish on plants
Q and A to Fortune telling