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Brian Ruhe from Simon Fraser University Vancouver

Dear Friends,

For those who prefer to learn truth and facts from video,
please check out the videos by Brian Ruhe from Simon Fraser University Vancouver:

1. What’s Wrong With Buddhism?

2. A Taboo Buddhist History 1 Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana

3. A Taboo Buddhist History 2


  • Hello, I am Brian Ruhe and I discovered this only today, June 9, 2014. It looks nice, thanks!
    I should clarify. I teach at Capilano University, not Simon Fraser University. I assume this came abourt becasue I made a video at Simon Fraser University but I never taught there.

    This nice arrangement is something I could use too. Why don’t you tell me about it? Can I use it or make a link to it?

    Thank you and much metta!
    Brian Ruhe

    Brian Ruhe author of | A Short Walk On An Ancient Path
    |and Freeing the Buddha http://www.theravada.ca | brian@theravada.ca
    youtube.com/user/BrianRuhe c. 778-232-2282 hm. 604-738-8475

    • Hi Brian, you are welcome to link or use the materials on this site any-time, sadhu!

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